An excerpt from

A Night On the Town

By Jason Jaxx

Jason and Nicky are hitting the town. Join them on an erotic journey that leads them to a debauched party where no desire goes unexplored.

A Night On The Town

Our tongues entwined, her hands were around my neck and in my hair. Her nails leaving a trail of electric tingles causing me to shiver in ecstasy I caressed her body, my hands trembling and seeming to act on their own accord as they moved across her back and ass. My hands on her body seemed to have the same effect on her as hers did on me. She moaned into my mouth, her body shuddering and her hips slowly rising and falling on my engorged tool. My eyes were closed, hazy brightly colored shapes danced kaleidoscopically in the darkness behind them and I felt as if my entire body was focused in my penis and the sensations emanating from it.

I felt every fold in her pussy walls as they slid across me. Felt her juices coating my shaft in their sticky glory. Felt the blood pumping through me. Felt my cockhead buried deep inside her. Felt my balls tight against the base of my shaft filled with cum ready to be unleashed whenever I willed it.

"Oooh God!" she moaned, lifting her head. "That feels amazing! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy! Oh shit it tingles. Can you feel it baby?"

"Yes, Christ, you feel so good on my cock!" I lifted my head slightly to grab one of her breasts and started sucking and licking her nipple. Her body went still and then she shuddered violently, her pussy clasping tightly around me.

"AAAAHHH YES! Oh shit that feels amazing, oh shit I'm gonna...uuuuugh!" She came with a vicious shudder, her nails raking down my chest. My head fell back on the couch, my fingers still tweaking her rock hard nipples, my hips thrusting slowly into her. "Yes baby, fuck me like that, ooh don't stop, fuck me with your big cock."

Her warm, wet lips were on mine again. Her hands pressing hard against my cheeks and, eyes closed once more, I succumbed to the hazy euphoria that was threatening to overtake me. Adrift on an ocean of pleasure, I was aware of my cock pulsating like a beacon enveloped by her tight pussy. Her teeth gently pulling at my lips now were an elongated spark of light pain. Her nails digging into my nipple were another. My body was trembling uncontrollably with sweet shivers of passion. My hands and fingers felt disconnected from me as they moved over her smooth skin, across her tits, along her back, into her ass and pussy. My tongue licked her soft neck, tasting her sweet salt. Her voice ebbed and flowed into my ear, a stream of moans, sighs and exhortations. I could hear myself replying to her, telling her how amazing she was, how good she felt, how much I enjoyed fucking her. I was aware of her cumming again and again, quivering atop me, her love juices running down my cock and coating my thighs.

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